How To Create A Portable Windows Operating System In Pendrive or HDD

Have you ever thought of making your Windows OS portable and carry it easily in your pocket and run in any computer?But dropped your idea because it is a very long time-consuming process then this is the post for you.In this tutorial we are going to show how to create a portable windows operating system easily by few clicks.This process is fully automated so you don’t have to be an expert to do this just follow the below mentioned steps.This is common for all versions of Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows 7,Vista and XP.

Portable Windows Version

Tools Required:

1. WinToUSB/AOMEI Partition Assistant

2. Pendrive(Minimum 16GB)(USB2.0 or USB3.0)/External HDD

3. Windows10/8/7 ISO Image

How To Create A Portable Windows Version:

We are going to see how to make portable OS with two different applications but both are easy to do.

WinToUSB Method:

First download the software from the link provided in the tools required section.Install and run the program in your PC.No administrator privileges are required to run this software so just click to open the program.

Select the ISO image and a new selection page will pop up to select the partition scheme.

Select Windows Image file for portable USB

Choose MBR Partition scheme.Select OK.

MBR partion for USB

Once the formatting is complete,system partition page will appear.Over there select both system partition and boot partition.Click next for window installation in your external drive or flash drive.

This will take few minutes to complete and after that your portable OS is ready to use.Restart and select USB as the primary boot option to run the installed OS in any computer.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Method:

This method is also an easy method but instead of ISO image you need installation files.Install the software from the link provided above.

If you only have the ISO image file then mount it to separate drive or burn it to DVD.

Next in the left side of the application select Windows to Go creator as shown in the below image.

Windows To Go Creator POrtable Windows

Then choose the drive and installation files and click next and once the format is complete you can use this any other system.

You can now use it anytime an anywhere.The first time boot will take some time as it has to install necessary files for start-up and after that there will be no problem.If you have any doubt in any of the method mentioned above or in any of the steps just comment below.