How To Disable Blue Whatsapp Double Check

WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application that is available for almost all mobile platforms.Because of its popularity new updates regularly released to make this app more effective and user friendly.One of the update that WhatApp released recently is double blue check or blue tick markĀ  which is the message read notification.

whatsapp double blue check

Normally before this update a single green tick represents that the message is sent and double green check represents that message is delivered to the recipient but there is no way to find out whether the message is opened and read by the user or not.But after this update if you see blue double-check then it is clear that your is message and opened and read.This applies for bot text and voice message.

Though this update is more advanced and useful,this feature was not liked by most of the people because there is no option to disable this feature when this was updated.But WhatsApp released a new beta version of the app for Android users with which you can disable the blue check.Follow the steps below to download the beta app and disable the blue check feature.

How To Disable Blue WhatsApp Double Check?

First download the beta version of this application for the official site by clicking here.

Install the downloaded apk file it in your smart phone.

Then go to Settings page.Over there open the Accounts tab followed by Privacy tab.Just uncheck the Read receipts option as shown in the below image.

How To Disable Blue Whatsapp Double Check

After this other users will not see the blue tick mark.

Note:This option is similar to Last seen feature.If you disable this you will also not able to check others read receipts.

As of now this is available only for Android users and is also not available through regular play store app updates,so download the app from the official store if you can’t wait until it is released in Google store.Other OS users have to wait but if you need to get rid of this feature just roll back to the previous versions.