Download Android 6 Marshmallow iso for Android VM and PC

Download Android 6 Marshmallow iso image(M) for Android Virtual Machine/Virtual Box or to run it directly  dual boot on Windows 10/8.1/7 PC.Marshmallow is the latest version of Google mobile operating system with cool features,improved battery life and security.This version started rolling out to Nexus almost all flagship devices will soon receive this update but if you still didn’t receive it or your device is not listed for this update but you still want to know how the new look,design and other features work then this is the possible method .

You can download the iso file and you can run Android M using virtual box method or you can dual boot it or run directly on PC using bootable USB method.

Android 6 Marshmallow iso for PC

Android M Features:

Now on Tap:

It is the most interesting feature than compared to all other new features in this M version.Now on Tap guess what you need exactly in the provided time.It provides all necessary information that you are currently doing.

Battery Improvements:

Doze and App standby are the two new features that is introduced to improve the battery backup in this version.

Doze will put your phone to sleep when you do not use the phone especially during the night-time.

App standby is similar to Doze which will stop default sync of apps that you haven’t used in a while.

Improved Security:

Though there are more improved security features one of the main improvement is the finger print support for Android Pay and for apps.

Download Android 6 Marshmallow iso for PC and MAC:

Download link :Android 6 Marshmallow ISO Image

This version is checked in Intel Dual Core,Core 2 Duo ,i3,i5 and i7.It is working perfectly in all the listed processors and also the internet connection is checked in WiFi and also in LAN connection .

Steps:First download the iso image file and burn it to the usb and you can follow any one of the methods listed to run or install it in your PC or you can use it directly in the virtual box.IF you have any doubts in installation process you can check my detailed post on each methods in my previous posts.