Download Windows 10 – New Operating System

As expected Microsoft released its latest operating system Windows 10 and also released the technical preview version for evaluation which can be downloaded for free.It is best suited for those who are still using Windows XP,who can experience the latest version of Windows features.This evaluation version has some instabilities but can be used until the original commercial version is launched in market which is expected around mid 2015.Until then users will get free updates and can use this technical preview.

Update : Microsoft Windows 10 Event that was held on January 23rd 2014 revealed the modern features to its operating system ,now all the new features are available for download.You can now test the latest technical preview of Windows 10 operating system here.

download Windows 10 os

System Requirements For Windows 10 OS:

The minimum system requirements for the installation of Windows 10 are same as that of Windows 8.1.

Processor: 1 GHz or higher

RAM : 1 GB for 32-bit version and 2 GB (64-bit)

Free disk space: 16 GB

Video card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device

Features Of Windows10 :

New Start Menu:

The features are almost same as leaked before the launch,which includes improved Start menu which is more customizable and also more functional as it is a combined version of old classical menu and new metro tile style menu which is developed in 8.1 versions.

New start menu windows 10

Multiple Desktops:

Microsoft adds a new multiple desktop feature that is available in Linux and Mac OS X which was missing in Windows operating system . With this new functionality, it is easier to organize running programs running which result is increased productivity and ease for anyone who uses multiple programs and need to switch between them frequently.

Power Button:

Power button is again back in this new OS version which is directly accessible in start menu.

How To Download and Install Windows 10 Technical Preview Version For Free:

If you want to try Win 10 before the launch and experience its new features then,

1. Download Windows 10 from the update section.

2. Next choose the most suitable version(32bit or 64bit) and download the image file which is available in ISO format.

3. Next burn the image file to DVD or create a bootable removable disc and start the booting process.

4. If you already using supported version that can be upgraded to Win 10 then choose upgrade option which will retrieve your files an settings.If you are using non supported version then choose the custom installation.

5.If you are upgrading then it will asks for product key will be available in the download page.

As we said earlier that this new Win 10 will be available market only in mid 2015 and until then you can use with official updates and more features that will added to this.We are currently using this preview OS and there is no major problem until now.