How To Dual Boot Android And Windows Operating Systems On PC

In our previous post we saw how to directly run Android X-86 directly in your PC without any installation and today we are going to see a detailed tutorial on how to install or dual boot both Android and Windows operating system in a single PC.So your computer will become your new android tablet. This tutorial is common for dual booting all versions of Android(Lollipop,Kitkat,Jellybean to Froyo) with Windows OS(10,8.1,7 and XP). This type of installation is useful when you want to keep all the application and game data an other installation as in direct run no data will be retained.

dual boot android and windows on pc

This method is 100% tested.This installation is common for both upgrading and downgrading Android Version(i.e if you had installed Kitkat and if you want upgrade to Lollipop 5.0.2 then just download the iso image and install and the vice verse.

Tools Required:

Android x-86 iso Image


Pen drive (1 GB)

Grub2Win- Download it from here

Step By Step Method To Dual Boot Android And Windows On PC:

1. First you have to create a bootable pendrive.You can find a detailed tutorial to easily make bootable pendrive here.

2. You have to make a new partition with minimum 3 GB space or you can use any of the partition that is already created by you in your system.

Note:For error free dual OS installation do not use the partition where your primary OS is installed and also the drive must be in FAT32 format.(If you had installed Windows in C drive then for Android installation you have to use other drive). If you have any doubt then the best solution is to create a new drive.

How to Create A New Partition To Dual Boot Android And Windows:

To create a new drive you have to access Disk Management in your computer.For that right-click on My Computer shortcut and click Manage.Next select the Storage option and there you will find the disk management.(or)

Simply go to RUN command by pressing Win+R ,type diskmgmt.msc and press OK.

Over there you will find all partition.Select any one of the partition where you have more free space.Right click on it and select shrink volume.

Shrink volume for new partition

Next set the required space,3 GB space is enough for this ,so enter 3000(MB) in the third option and click shrink as shown in the below image.

Shrink volume allocation

Then right-click on it and choose New Simple Volume option.Keep clicking next until you reach format partition page and choose the file system as FAT32 as the file system as shown below.

Your new volume is ready for Android installation.

3. Now insert the bootable pendrive or DVD and restart your PC.Enter the boot menu(mostly F10 or F12) and select USB HDD and enter.In the next page click Installation-Install Android-x86 to harddisk.

4. Now in Choose Partition page choose the desired one(Win95 FAT32).(Note the sda number which will be required late,for example the sda number is 7  in the below image).

Partition Selection for Android-x86 installation new

5. Then in the next page choose Do not  format.

6. In the confirmation page for Do you want to install boot loader GRUB?Press Skip

GRUB loader for android

7. In the other confirmation page,The installer is going to create a disk image?Press Yes.

8. For the size of the data.img in MB just choose your desired size Min is 512MB and Max is 2047 MB.

data.img size

9. Next Reboot your computer.

10. Now extract all the contents form Grub2Win to the C folder(Folder in which Windows 7/8//8.1/10 is installed).

11. Now RUN grub2win.exe and in the next screen choose the Windows Boot Menu Title(optional) and press OK.

Grub2win settings for windows

12. In the Grub2Win folder there will be a CFG file,just open it with Notepad and enter the following code below the

start-grub2win-user-section #

menuentry “Android KitKat” {
set root='(hd0,Your sda number)’
linux /android-4.4-RC1/kernel quiet root=/dev/ram0  androidboot.hardware=android_x86 video=-16 SRC=/android-4.4-RC1
initrd /android-4.4-RC1/initrd.img

13. Replace Your sda number with sda number that you have noted in step no 4.

14. Save the notepad.Your dual boot android and windows computer is now ready.You can choose the required operating system when you start your computer.If you have any doubt leave your comments and we will try to help you.