How To Find Out If Someone’s Using Your Computer

If you are not sure that your personal computer is accessed only by you or do you thing that some unusual activity is going on your computer in your absence,or if you feel that somebody is using your PC without your permission then check out this post which will help to monitor your computer activity log without installing any third-party software.

How To Find Out If Someone's Using Your Computer

This is a very simple technique to find out that if somebody is spying on your personal data in your absence.This is very helpful in cases where you cannot set password to you Windows PC.This will have all the information on what services are used and for how log your computer is on and which user accessed the system.This will also shows the recent modified file with date and time,so you can easily find out what are the changes that other users have made to the system to spy on your activity

How To Find Out If Someone’s Using Your Computer :

This is a very simple technique and the event log will be displayed in few clicks.

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1.Open the Command prompt(cmd.exe) file.To goto cmd directly first open the Run dialog box by pressing Win+R button.Then enter CMD and click ok.

CMD function

2.Next the command prompt screen will pop up.Over there type eventvwr.msc and click enter.This will lead to the event viewer windows which will have all the computer logs.

Command prompt

If you don’t want to use the above short cut then open the Control Panel,Choose Administrative tools.Under the Computer management option you will find EventViewer.

If you are using Windows 8 and above just type event viewer in search bar and this will open this application.This will also applies for Windows 10.

3.In the main window,choose Windows Logs at the left sidebar and expand that to have a look on detailed log of all events.

Event Viewer