How Much RAM Does My Computer Have?

One of the common question that will come into your mind if your computer is performing slow is how much ram does my computer have?It is necessary to know how much random access memory capacity your computer has and only with that yo can determine whether your system can handle multiple process and programs.This is a very simple method and there are several methods to find it.

How Much RAM Does My Computer Have

What is a RAM?

RAM is a Random Access Memory which is a form of computer data storage.This is a type of memory that retains information only when it is accessed.So this is main memory that read and write data items in the same time,so if you are a power user running many programs at the same time or a online enthusiast who opens may browsers or webbrowser windows at the same time then you have to know that capacity of your system RAM,so that you can experience good performance from your computer.

Types Of RAM:

There are two types of RAM: Static RAM or SRAM). and dynamic RAM or DRAM . The SRAM is more expensive to produce, but uses less power than DRAM and because of this all modern computers and smartphones are installed with this type of memory.Now you have a general idea of random access memory and let us get into the topic.

How Much RAM Does My Computer Have?

Though there are many ways to find this in al versions of Windows operating system,let us see the 2 most easiest way that does not require any software installation.

Method 1:

Press Windows button in your system.If you are using Windows 7 then type RAM in search bar.Then select Show how much RAM is on this computer as shown in the images below.

If you are using Windows 8,then Press Windows button and directly type RAM,click on View RAM info from the search results.

RAM Check

Method 2:

Another easy method to find random access memory capacity of your system is to right click on My Computer/This PC and select properties.This will display installed memory in your device.

Find Computer RAM - Method 2

More information on how to find the type of RAM and tips for choosing the best memory will be updated in the future posts.