How To Edit PDF File and Convert Online And Offline For Free

A well-known popular file format to share documents is PDF(Portable Document Format).The reason for it for being so popular is that the files cannot be modified accidentally when viewing the document and more over the original formatting of the source document is preserved.

But if you are regular user of it and looking for easy ways to edit PDF file then this post has various option to edit file both online and offline.

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How To Edit PDF File Online:

Internet has transformed a lot now.If your editing task is minimal then there are a wide range of free PDF editing options.Options like compressing,extracting pages,merging PDF’s,reordering the pages,writing on pages and many other option are available online.

The are many sites online but many of them lacks the option of editing the texts in a file.But has almost all essential editing options including text edit.This is one of the advanced editor that we have used so for online.

The other websites that can be considered online are,,, and

There are sites where you can create PDF forms from a non editable documents.We will create a separate post on how to create a PDF Form.

How to Use These Online Sites:

Using these sites are pretty easy ,straightforward and you don’t need to sign up .

Step 1: Choose the editing option that you require.

Step 2: Upload the files.

Step 3 : Download the edited/converted file.

How to Convert PDF File and Edit File Offline :

There are many advanced software like Adobe Acrobat and Foxit Editor to edit and convert PDF but these are not freeware and subscription option costs a lot.

A good free software to edit pdf files offline is difficult to find.But if your document editing requirements are minimal then regular products that you use will come in handy.

How To Edit PDF File Using Microsoft Office:

If you are using Microsoft Office 2013 and above then you can make the basic edits.

Open Microsoft Office.Then click File in top menu and choose the open option.

Next select the PDF file and click OK.

Now you Portable Document File will be converted to editable word file.

After your finish editing your text ,save the document again as a PDF.

Editing Using Inkscape:

Another regular program that you can use to edit the static document is Inkscape. You can edit the texts in the file directly without converting to any other format.Also it has lots of graphic editing options which comes in handy when your editing is advanced.

But the main drawback of this freeware is that it is not that easy to edit files unlike many other options mentioned above.You need some expertise about this program to edit files correctly.

If you find any of the good freeware or online sites are missing above,leave your suggestion in the comment section.