WhatsApp Web – How To Use Messenger With Web Browsers In PC

A good news for all Whatsapp fans,now you can use your favorite messenger in web browsers without any third-party applications.This official plugin can be installed in any web browsers and can be easily synced with your phone.So you can use it with any web clients in Windows and Mac.Web based app is basically a mirror of the application that is installed in your phone.So all your message will be retained in your phone even if you see the message in the browser.Follow the below steps to configure WhatsApp Web in browsers.

whatsapp web

How To Install WhatsApp Web In Google Chrome Browser:

Currently this available only for Chrome,support for Mozilla Firefox,Opera and other browsers will be available soon.Your phone should be connected to internet to access this feature.This is available for all user except for iOS users .

First update the application in your phone to the latest version and then go to official Whats app Web site by clicking here.

Then open WhatsApp Web option in your phone and then scan the QR code that will be available in the site.After this you will be successfully logged in to your account.After this all your contact list will appear in Chrome with all previous conversations.

To enable message notification in desktop turn the notification setting on and allow access in your browser.To change these settings click the menu and you can change the setting over there.

notification settings whatsapp web

You can  also check the number of computers that are currently logged in.There is one more good feature in this app,if you forgot to log out you can do that in your phone and you will be logged out from all the computers that are online.

Cool features Of Web Whats App:

1. You can text your friends by typing in your keyboard which is faster and user-friendly.

2. You can attach any size of image,video and audio or other files directly from your computer which makes your work much easier.

3. In addition,you don’t have to check your phone every time at work,your messages will automatically delivered to your desktop with notification.

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