How To Increase RAM By Finding Out What Type Of RAM Used

Do you want upgrade your random access memory and do not have an idea of what type of RAM is used in your PC(DDR,DDR2 or DDR3) and what is the maximum RAM size that your computer supports,then check out this post we will show how to find out the what kind of memory your computer has and how much extra memory it will support, without opening your PC cabinet.

Type of RAM used-How To Increase RAM

Will More RAM Increase PC Speed?

This is one of the most common question that increasing random access memory will increase your PC speed.the answer to this question Yes,this crucial memory is one of the factors that determines the speed of your system. The reason is when your system has low memory and if your computer runs out of all available RAM say if you’re using simultaneous windows,more tabs opened in your browsers then it starts using your hard disk space and this will definitely slow down your system performance.

How To Increase RAM By Finding Out What Type Of RAM Used:

So before upgrading,you have to know the RAM type and the maximum upgrading capacity of your PC.It can be easily found by looking product specification supplied by the manufacturer,if you had purchased your computer recently.But if you do not know any details then this post will come in handy to find a solution to your problem.


This is a freeware program that provides in-depth information on the critical components in the Windows OS.It gathers all information about the central processing unit,main board,memory details and the complete system details .

First Downland this free software from this official link.

Next run the program and this will list complete details of your PC.To find the type and frequency of RAM used,click on the memory tab and over there you can find all details of your random access memory.



This is much easier method particularly for newbies who want to upgrade the memory of the Windows PC.This will provide a complete analysis on what is the current memory,how many slots are there and what is the maximum capacity of memory that is compatible with that system and other crucial information about the PC.

Finding Out What Type Of RAM Used

1.First Go to the official site by clicking here.

2.In the main page you can find two ways to find information.The first method which is in the left side can be used if you know the manufacturer,but in-case if your system is old and there is no information about the manufacturer then download the crucial system scanner which is at the right side.

3.Run the downloaded crucial scanner.Now a new tab will open in your default browser and the scan will be in progress.Do not close the tab and after the completion of scan it will display installed ram,available number of slots maximum supported memory.