How To Make Bootable Pendrive To Install Windows 10

Installing Windows OS in your system looks like a difficult task when you are doing it for the first time,but it is much easier than you think and in this tutorial we are going to discuss how to install Windows operating system easily all by yourself without spending lots money for service people for this simple installation.

 Create Bootable USB Drive Or Pendrive

Basically the default installation is carried out through DVDs and CDs but we are not going to discuss about it because there are some case that you may not be able to access DVD drive or that drive may not be functioning properly and in such cases this tutorial will help you as all system will have the USB drive.In this method we will show how to make your pendrive bootable with few clicks.There are many advantages of installing OS through USB.This saves your time as the installation is faster.It saves your money for those who do not have DVD optical drive as you don’t have to purchase a new one and also it saves your DVD cost .

The method discussed below is common for installation of all Windows versions like Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10.This is the easiest of all methods and it will take only few minutes.Just follow the below mentioned steps and install your favorite OS by yourself.

Tools required:

Windows ISO file(image file)

Minimum 4 Gb Capacity Pen drive

PowerIso – Click Here To Download (or)

Rufus-Download it from Official Site

Step By Step Method On How To Make Bootable Pendrive To Install Windows 10 or Other:

Two popular tools are selected for this process as they are free,tested and bug free.Bootable drives created with these tools are 100% working and anybody can do it.

Note:All data in your USB Sticks will be deleted,so save all your data that is in the USB sticks.

1.Creating Bootable USB Flash Drive Using PowerIso:

First download the file from the official link provided in the tools required section an install it.

Next right-click on the application shortcut and Run as Administrator.

Free users have to wait for 5 seconds.After that click on Continue as Unregistered.

Then go to Tools and click on Create Bootable USB Drive as shown in the below image.

Creating bootable pendrive using poweriso

After that chose the Windows iso file and let all other options will be the same.Next click the start process and within few minutes you can use this flash drive to install the Windows.

Create Bootable USB Drive

2.Creating Bootable USB sticks Using Rufus:

This is another useful application which is free and can be downloaded easily.The official link to download this software is under the tools required section.This application is regularly updated so this is bug free.This method is also simple and is almost same like the method mentioned above.

First download and install this software.

Next select the ISO image file.By default freedos will be selected.Just click the drop down icon and select iso image and browse for folder where your Windows ISO file is stored.Then click the start button and your bootable Flash drive will be ready within minutes.

Bootable Flash Drive


To make bootable pendrive using two popular tools check the below video.