How To Make Only One Application Accessible With Screen Pinning In Android Lollipop

Screen Pinning is one of the great new feature in Android lollipop version in which you can lock your Android phone to a single application(make only one app accessible). This security feature comes in handy when your friend asksĀ  to access some application in your phone or when you give your phone to another person to make call so when you turn this screen pinning they can access only the apps that you had pinned.They cannot use other options and in this mode they also cannot see any notifications from other application that is installed in your phone as they are restricted to use only that app.

enable Screen pinning in android lollipop

How To Turn On Screen Pinning In Android Lollipop :

This is easy to use and you can lock your smart phone to use only one app in two clicks.But before that you can to turn on this feature.This features is totally different from the guest mode and it is more secures than the guest mode and protects your privacy. Follow the below steps to enable screen pinning.

First go to Security Settings in your phone .

settings page android l


Under Advanced section click on Screen Pinning option and switch it to on.

screen pinning option aunder advanced settings

To increase your security of your phone ,turn on password.So even if you come out of this mode you have to enter you security password to access phone.

Now to pin a specification application or anything first open it .Next click the overview button.Now you can find the pinning icon at the right bottom of opened app.

how to do screen pinning

Click on that icon and after this only that app will be accessible to all users and your mobile is now secured and you can give your mobile to anybody without hesitation.

To get back to normal mode,just click back button and overview button simultaneously.

turn off screen pinning mode

You phone will get back to normal mode and you can access your mobile as usual.