Portable Android x86 USB drive-Install Android On Pendrive OR HDD

With Android x86 it is much easier to install the popular Android operating system natively on any computer that is running with Intel or AMD processors.There are several methods to run Android on PC and we have already discussed about the poplar methods for such installations using emulators or dual-boot methods.But the main drawback of all the methods is that you can install your favorite application or game in one particular PC and you cannot carry it anywhere.In case if you have to use any app or games in another computer you have download the required version android x86 iso image and have to carry out the installation process from the scratch.So in this tutorial we are going to discuss how to make android portable in pendrive or hard disk drive so that all installations and setting will be saved and you can carry it in your pocket and use it on any other computer without losing any data.

portable android x86

This android portable version will come in handy if you have to install something that is very large in size and mainly with high-definition games.Because most of the HD android game is very large in size and you can download it everywhere ,so by making portable operating system you can install and save your information and you can start from where you had left in an another system.This method is muck easier that you had thought.Follow the below steps carefully for androidx86 installation on pen drive..

Method To Install Android X86 on Pen drive And Make It Portable

The first step is to make android bootable in USB flash drive so that it can be bootable in system.We recommend using Rufus tool for this method.

Next you have to make two different  partitions in your flash drive.To do that you should have partition manager installed in your PC.Here in tutorial we are going to use Easeus partition manager (Free version).You can download it from official site or you can use other managers of your own choice.

Now open the partition manager and right-click on the pendrive.Select Resize/Move Partition.

Partion of Pendrive for android installation

Now allocate 2.6GB  as the new partition size by dragging the decide size button as shown in the below image.

New partition for portable android

Now right-click on the new allocated space and select Create New Partition and in the next screen name it and select file system as FAT32.Save your settings.

Saving as FAT32 format

New FAT32 File System

Restart the computer and boot from the pendrive.Next click Install Android X86 to hard drive option and in the next page choose the newly created drive in the pen drive.If you are not sure which is the correct one then click on Create /Modify partitions and in that new window find the exact created drive.

In dual boot we suggest to skip the boot loader GRUB,but in this method choose yes to the boot loader grub.Then select maximum size for data.img and click yes in the next page to start the installation.

Once the installation is over,RUN Android and your portable android is ready and it can be used in any other computer and all installation of apps and data will be saved.

Note:If you have 2 usb flash drives then in one drive load the bootable android and format the other to FAT32 and install the OS in this drive.

Below you can find the video tutorial

If you face any problem then just comment below we will find a solution for the installation errors.