How To Remove Gmail Filter Tabs In Inbox

Gmail introduced the tabbed Inbox interface that can organize emails by default and provides better mailing experience.By default the inbox will have three tabs which are Primary,Social and Promotions.Gmail will automatically organize incoming mails by placing important mail to the primary tab and low priority mails and the messages sent by marketers  to the promotion tabs and all other messages coming from social sites like Facebook ,Twitter to the Social tab.There are also other tabs such as Update and Forums,but you have to enable it manually.

 How To Remove Gmail Filter Tabs In Inbox

Here in this tutorial we are going to see how to move Emails that are under wrong tabs and completely removing the tabbed inbox.

Moving E mail That are Under Wrong Tab :

Most of the time Google mail will exactly prioritize,but if you are getting it in the wrong tab you can move it to the proper tab by below steps.

First select the mail then just drag it to the respective tab and drop there.Then instruct it to send the mail to the respective tab by clicking Yes.

Move Email Within Gmail Tabs

This tabbed inbox is one of the great feature that Gmail has introduced in years which is not found in other mail services and provides a great mailing experience that one easily view the important message from thousands of mails.

Apart from its great features ,it is so confusing for many of the users.So if you are searching a way to remove this feature then this the post that you are searching for.

How To Remove Gmail Filter Tabs In Inbox :

To remove Gmail filter tabs,click on the gear icon at the right top corner which will be below your profile icon.

Then choose Configure Inbox as shown in the below image.

Gmail Inbox Configuration

Next select the tabs that you need in the inbox.If you do not need any tabs to will filter mails then just unmark all and just leave the primary tab unmarked.Save your settings.

Gmail Inbox Tabs Settings

Check the below image for Google Mail Inbox with and Without Tabs.

Gmail with Tabs And Without Tabs


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