How To Remove Search Protect Virus By Conduit

When installing new programs in your computer it is very common practice that we keep clicking next continuously without checking what are the additional programs will be installed and finally we realize that we ended up in a mess.Most of the spyware and adware are installed because of these bundled installations.One of such common service is Search Protect by conduit.

remove search protect virus fromyour computer

Uninstalling these unwanted software is not that easy,but in this tutorial we are going to discuss easy method that will completely remove the search protect virus completely from your computer without leaving any traces.Follow the below steps to remove search protect virus and these methods are common for almost all PUP(potentially unwanted programs).

How to remove Search Protect Virus:

1. The first step is to stop the process and this cannot be done by default task manager as this keep many open cases so if you end one task another task will open automatically ,so for this you have to install some other powerful task manager and the most recommended is Process Explorer.Next open this program over there expand PluginService.exe .Then right-click on it and Kill Process Tree.

2. Next go to Control panel,Uninstall program and remove(uninstall) search protect by conduit program from the list.

3.Next go to each browsers that is installed in your computer and reset it tho the default.

4.Even after this some traces will be left in the root folder and consumes some space.To delete that go to the root folder and check for search protect and completely delete that folder and files that are included in that folder.

This method is common for all unwanted software that are installed accidentally and are behaving suspiciously in your computer.

Easy Method To Remove Adware and Spyware Including Searchprotect:

If you find it difficult to reset each and every browser individually then here is the simple free program that will clean all spyware and adware in your system just with 2 clicks which is Adwcleaner.The most important features of this program is that this is a small application which do not require installation.Download the app and run this program which can even delete the conduit program virus effectively without leaving any traces.You can find step by step method to use AdwCleaner in your computer here.

If you find difficult to remove any unwanted application even with the above methods then comment below.